Water Science

Product Information

Whole House Water FiltrationWe provide products such as water purification & softening equipment, with cutting edge technology and high efficiency equipment. At Water Science we are very selective about which water treatment equipment we choose to sell. Only the best and most reliable systems, built and backed by the very best manufacturers will be sold here. The quality of the installation is an important aspect most often overlooked by the customer. Many companies can offer low prices by using unlicensed installers, skimping on the installation and using low quality materials. By choosing Water Science you can be sure that your equipment will be professionally installed and meet all local plumbing codes. We refuse to sell inferior equipment just to make a profit. We haven’t been in business this long and earned our reputation by doing business that way. Give us a call and experience what it is like to do business with water treatment specialists, as opposed to dealing with “big box” stores or plumbing supply houses that sell very basic systems and generally do not service the systems they sell. Please contact us to schedule an appointment for a complete understanding of what we have to offer.

Our Products and Reputation Speak for Themselves

Fancy brochures can make a product look better on paper than it really is. We actually have most of our major competitors’ products side-by-side ours so you can actually see them and touch and feel the difference. We even have a Wall of Shame consisting of products sold by other companies that we had to remove from hapless customers’ homes.

Do Your Research, Then Come See Us

Let Water Science give you a free second opinion. Our prices are generally hundreds of dollars less on an apple-to-apples comparison with softeners sold through large franchises, mechanical companies or plumbers.